About SEOLion

Who Am I?

My real name is Ramkumar. I am an internet marketing professional from India.

Why the name SEO Lion?

As a trainee in an internet marketing firm, and while peeping into various internet marketing and web mastering forums around (including Digital Point forums), I requested my colleague Narayan Kulkarni to suggest me a good nick name suiting to the industry. SEOLion is the nick name suggested by him 🙂

Its just a name, I don’t claim to be a king in internet marketing. My apologies if you have gone into such an early misinterpretation of my nick name.

What I am into?

Well, its a bit difficult to answer in short. I started my career in robotics (dont be afraid) before embarking into the ocean called the World Wide Web. I started my internet marketing career as an SEO and have worked in finance related websites for UK. Slowly I got additional responsibilities like web development, client side validations and server side programming using PHP. I too got a chance to explore the CMS functionalities of the well known blogging software – wordpress (even this blog is running on it !!).

Of late I am concentrating on web analytics projects. I am into providing web analytics solutions using tools such as Omniture SiteCatalyst and Google Analytics, from requirement analysis, web analytics implementation to analysis.

My hobby is webmastering and I do own around 20 domain names at the moment including this one (The count was more, but of late I sold few domains as I couldn’t find enough time to develop them into good websites. There are still few undeveloped domains with me)

Services offered by me

I am an internet marketing and web analytics professional, who prefer to confine to my job and my personal projects.

“And Harry doesn’t mind if he doesn’t make the scene
He’s got a daytime job, he’s doin’ alright” —
Sultans of Swing by Dire Straits

If time permits and when I feel I can offer consulting on anything, I will certainly keep it updated here. As of now friends approach me for (free)consulting on Google Analytics/Omniture web analytic tool customizations, domain registrations,web hosting accounts, basic web mastering, hosting migrations, PHP, SEO,forum and blog setup etc. I am one who have scored 100% in the qualifying exam for Google Analytics Individual Qualification certification.

Contact Me

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