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Do you need a mobile version for your site?

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

This is a stage when there are many websites going mobile. I have already discussed what is the difference between a mobile site and a normal website and some basics to build a mobile version of a site. Before you actually put in an effort to build a mobile website, you ...

Mobile Device specific reports in Google Analytics using Advanced Segments

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

I have gone through few interesting blog posts on tracking mobile devices using Google Analytics. Basically I hve seen three methods: Using a duplicate profile and using an include filter, to include traffic from mobile device operating systems. Using the advanced segment feature of Google Analytics, creating an advanced segment of mobile device ...

Building Mobile Friendly Websites from Scratch !

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Are you looking ahead to build a mobile website? May be you need to first evaluate whether you really need a mobile version of your site. If you have concluded that you really need one, read the rmaining of this post. 'Building Mobile Friendly Websites' was one topic presented at the ...