A Day in Google – India Search Masters 2009

February 28, 2009 – 9:27 am

Well, it was my first webmaster event in my four year stint in internet marketing and webmastering so far.

I had a four hour sleep before rushing to Google India – Bangalore for the India Search Masters Conference 2009 – http://www.indiasearchmasters.com

Main purpose of this event was to make Indian Webmasters aware of various tools offered by Google (almost all free) to improve the quality of sites, make it appear in search results better and on how to make use of the detailed reports provided by Google Analytics. Also the aim was to interact with Indian webmasters and increase their interaction with Google through such forums where one get to know more about SEO/SEM/Web Analytics and get their website related issues sorted out by other experts.

The event started with a welcome note by Vivaik Bharadwaaj (Manager of the Google Search Quality Evaluation team in India and Korea) followed by a session on Google Webmaster Central and Best Practices by Adam Lasnik (Google’s first Search Evangelist).

I was eagerly waiting for the videos at youtube and good to see them in May, many days after the real event.
Here is Vivaik Bharadwaaj with his welcome note.

Google Webmaster Central and Best Practices by Adam Lasnik

After the coffee break, we had a session on Google Webmaster Help Forum and its use by Koti Ivaturi (Search Quality team member, Google) followed by a hands on session by Adam Lasnik.

In the hands on session, Adam evaluated Redbus.in and tarladalal.com for their strengths and weaknesses and areas for improvement in terms of better search results in Google. These sites were handpicked from the lots submitted by attendees (I didnt submit any 😉 ). I do it myselves 😉 J/K.

After the lunch break, Dr. Rajat Mukherjee (Group product manager at Google) presented a topic on Google Custom Search, various aspects and types of Google custom search and on how it can add value to a website.

This was followed by a much more technical and web development related topic by Ankit Gupta (Google, Bangalore) on Building Mobile Friendly Websites. As you know this blog is acessible on mobile (as it is validated XTML code) and I do know how to make a website mobile friendly, still this session was of great interest for me (I rate myself as a techie internet marketer, or in simple terms neither a 100% techie nor a 100% marketer 😉 ).

We had a session on Google Analytics and Website Optimizer by Deepak Kumar (Google Analytics team, works on Google’s Website Optimizer at Google Hyderabad) to mark the end of a very useful interactive web masters conference conducted by Google India.

I had an opportunity to pose for a snap with Adam Lasnik, though I wanted it with every presenter.

My friends and ex-colleagues at Natural Search, Narayan Kulkarni and Pradeep SV also attended the conference with me.

I do not have much snaps to share, but we were informed that the videos of these presentations will be soon available in Youtube. So I will update this post with those. Stay tuned.

This isn’t bad too.

India Search Masters 2009

India Search Masters 2009

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  2. Hi Ram, It was nice meeting you during the India Search Masters conference which is held for the first time here and I look forward for such meets :). This was a great session with various Google product experts giving insights about their products and practices. Anyways thanks for the overall review of the meet. Hope this helps for the ones who did not make it to the conference.

    By Narayan on Mar 10, 2009

  3. Hey, Add the photos which i sent to you on Search Masters, sorry for the delay 🙂

    Pradeep SV

    By Pradeep SV on Apr 21, 2009

  4. Sure, will post them. But I am just wondering, do I need to post the real identity of ‘seolion’?


    By admin on Apr 21, 2009

  5. Thats actually a good point, it depends on if you want to reveal it or not, if you want to keep it secret then don’t hmmm I would say carry on with under the carpet anything which is hidden is always interesting 😉

    Pradeep SV

    By Pradeep SV on May 4, 2009

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