Keywords in Image ALT attributes

November 28, 2008 – 9:41 am

What is an ALT Attribute for image and what is the use

You migt have seen the HTML image tag like <img src=”something.jpg” height=”200″ width=”100″ alt=”ALTERNATE TEXT” />

The ALTERNATE TEXT is the one which gets shown in the browser just in case the image could not be loaded by the browser. It was primarily for saying what you wanted to convey from the message in the absence of this image.

As per the latest HTML and XHTML standards, its mandatory to keep alternate text in any image we use in a web page.

How this can be used in SEO ?

Image alt attribute is one way to say what your web page talk about. Search engine identify what your page talks about to rank them for search terms. For this search engine crawlers index websites and read the web page content and tags. Main areas a search engine spider will look are meta tags, document title, header tags , content and also alt tags. Alt tag says about an image, and image must be related to what the web page is about too, hence it makes sense.

Its always a good practise to incluse keywords inside the alt attributes for images. Again, do remember stuffing keywords can be harmful anywhere including alt attributes.

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