Do you need a mobile version for your site?

December 17, 2009 – 9:10 am

This is a stage when there are many websites going mobile. I have already discussed what is the difference between a mobile site and a normal website and some basics to build a mobile version of a site.

Before you actually put in an effort to build a mobile website, you should evaluate whether you really need one. The reason why I am on this point is because of the cost of building a mobile website and the efforts put on it. Do you really need one?

How to find out the real need of a mobile website?

This isn’t a very difficult thing to know, provided you are already using some web analytic tool such as Google Analytics.  What you can try is to find out how many of your main website visitors are from mobile devices.

If you are using Google Analytics, you may use the advanced segment for mobile devices . Using this segment you can have a deeper look into your mobile visitors, see the traffic numbers, conversion etc. You can compare this with the overall numbers and figure out whether there are considerable number of mobile visitors to your site and they need to be taken care of, with the addition of a mobile friendly website.

Another solution I can suggest is to use a specialized solution called PercentMobile which a free mobile analytics tool. It gives a very important and straightforward information about a site on which it is implemented – The number of mobile visitors to your site. You need not have to struggle much to get this important information. Apart from this, it also gives other useful insights about your mobile visitors such as pages visited, mobile phone, resolution, and geo segmentation. You can add PercentMobile to your main website, which can tell how many percent of mobile visitors to it. This information is enough for us to decide whether we need a mobile website or not.

You can try out PercentMobile, it free! All you need is an invitation code. Here it is: ‘avinash‘ (without quotes of course).

Avinash Kaushik discussed PercentMobile in his latest webinar. As per him, its a very good free Mobile Analytics tool you should not miss out.

Again, the above is not a one time decision. If you have decided not to go with a mobile website now, it may not hold as a wise decision in a later stage, hence you need to keep an eye on your mobile visitors, the increase in their traffic share, conversion etc. The ones explained above can help you track it and help you on your take on a mobile version of your site.

I appreciate questions & comments..

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